Our goal is to support our talented clients’ businesses so they can focus on their core competencies to help our communities.

We will do this by connecting skilled craftsmen and craftswomen at the right time to enable business growth and by forging new relationships.

Our Values

Persevere is named for those overcoming adversity to improve our world. The path to success is not straight or downhill.

Persevere honors those from all walks of life who have gone before us. We achieve by standing on the shoulders of these giants.

Persevere is a call to action and a reminder to help others do the same.

Diversity & Respect

We recognize that we are all different. One’s strength is another’s weakness. We each often feel alone, yet a vast community is eager to help.

If we were all the same we would have no customers or suppliers, only competitors.

There would be nobody to appreciate the fruits of our labor yet plenty of critics. We would all have the same unmet needs. celebrates diversity; we exist because of it and work to strengthen it.

Because we are all different, we appreciate and understand differently. A pastry shop has completely different priorities than a technology startup. However, there are many similarities. We are all here to make our corners of the world a better place. We respect when others take different paths and look to learn from them and aid them, despite seemingly vast differences. When we work together we are all stronger.

Let’s build something together.